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  • [es-pree de less-ka/-iay] (idiom) A witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations defines esprit de l'escalier as, "An untranslatable phrase, the meaning of which is that one only thinks on one's way downstairs of the smart retort one might have made in the drawing room."


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January 31, 2006


Based on my own experience teaching college, I'd say the prof took a look your 3x5 card and whooped for joy. "Hooray! Someone in the class who reads something other than Stephen King!" Or "Hooray! Someone who reads, period!"

Your books at 18 are better than mine now and I am most certainly over 18.


Well, I don't know about that, AG. I'm just bookish. I think it explains my myopia and inability to walk in a straight line.

I always thought the Chicago airport had its moments. At least I THINK it's the Chicago airport I'm thinking of...there was a nice area under a skylight where some birds were singing. Or maybe it was Cincinnati.

Oh well, I'll find out. I'm flying through O'Hare in May.

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